New Car Protection Detail

New Car Protection Detail

The perfect start in life for your new pride and joy!

Even though your newly acquired vehicle is straight out the box from the dealership, unfortunately it's condition will more than likely not be the flawless 'brand new' condition you'd expect it to be in. Dealership preparation and the optional application of paintwork protection packages (such as DiamondBrite, Supaguard and LifeShine) is usually rushed and applied incorrectly and can potentially damage your new vehicles paintwork.

Whether its a supermini, a van or high end sports car - it's paintwork and other surfaces are likely to have picked up during the manufacturing, storage, transportation or dealership preparation stages the likes of: acid etchings, machine polishing buffer trails, sanding marks, light scratches and wash marring. These visual defects can take away from the whole experience of collecting a new car so this package has been created to rectify these problems and to also protect the vehicles surfaces with up to date ceramic and nano coatings which boast true longevity for up to 3 years (depending on options chosen)

By protecting your new vehicle with a Ceramic Coating - as well as making it easier to clean - benefits such as: dirt repellency, light scratch and swirl mark resistance and UV protection are all gained and help keep the finished surfaces of you vehicle looking newer and fresher for longer. Couple this package with a 'bolt on' interior protection package which can aid stain and dye transfer resistance, you can have the ultimate in protection both on the inside and the outside of your pride and joy.

Please note - it is advised that the car is not prepared by or any dealership applied paint protection packages are carried out in a bid to not damage the paintwork or surfaces prior to the New Vehicle Protection Detail. As always, a paintwork inspection will be carried out prior to any booking to ensure whether this service is best to suit the outcome you desire.

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Alloy Wheels deep cleaned including wheel backs/barrels and inside spokes
Wheel arches deep cleaned - Door shuts cleaned and flushed out
2 Bucket Safe Wash carried out using lambswool wash mitts, grit guards and PH Neutral Shampoo
Tar spots and metallic fallout removed with necessary products/chemicals
Vehicle treated with a Clay Bar to remove remaining surface contaminants leaving a completely clean and smooth surface
Vehicle power rinsed and dried using plush microfibre drying towels
Blow dried with hot air paying attention to gaps and seals that could trap water
Paintwork inspected and paint depth readings taken
1 Stage Machine Polish carried out to remove defects and marring on paintwork
2 coats of CarPro CQuartz Ceramic Coating applied and left to cure (fully cured in 24 hours with option of secondary top coat application)
Wheel faces coated with CarPro DLUX heat resistant coating (option for wheel removal to coat wheel barrels available)
Exterior glass coated with CarPro Flyby rain repellant coating
Plastic trim, chrome, exhaust tips, tyres and wheel arches dressed, coated and/or polished as necessary
Complementary basic Interior Valet carried out (option for full interior protection available)
Exterior paintwork wiped down and finished with silica based spray paint sealant to compliment and aid coatings whilst adding gloss

1.5 - 4 Day Booking

Price from £285

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