Stage 2 Correction Detail

Stage 2 Correction Detail

The 'Stage 2 Correction Detail' is perfect for any vehicle starting to show signs of age and heavier swirling due to previous poor contact and wash techniques.

Two main polishing stages are undertaken during this detail with the aim of achieving 75-80% correction. The first polishing stage cuts back and removes the deeper defects, swirl marks and scratches and the second polishing stage refines the paintwork to a stunning gloss ready for your chosen paint protection.

- Alloy Wheels deep cleaned including wheel backs/barrels and inside spokes
- Wheel arches deep cleaned - Door shuts cleaned and flushed out
- 2 Bucket Safe Wash carried out using lambswool wash mitts, grit guards and PH Neutral Shampoo
- Tar spots and metallic fallout removed with necessary products/chemicals
- Vehicle treated with a Clay Bar to remove remaining surface contaminants leaving a completely clean and smooth surface
- Vehicle power rinsed and dried using plush microfibre drying towels
- Blow dried with hot air paying attention to gaps and seals that could trap water
- Paintwork inspected and paint depth readings taken
- Machine polishing cutting stage undertaken to remove deeper scratches and paintwork defects
- Finishing polish applied via machine polisher to remove lighter paintwork defects and 'marring' - jeweling to a superb finish.
- High Quality Carnauba Wax and/or synthetic Paint Sealant applied (option to upgrade to Ceramic Coating available - from £120)
- Plastic trim, chrome, exhaust tips, tyres and wheel arches dressed and/or polished as necessary
- Complementary basic Interior Valet carried out

As always, a paintwork inspection will be carried out prior to any booking to ensure whether this service is best to suit the outcome you desire.

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